Arundel Diesel & Performance — Going the Extra Mile When It Comes to Anything Diesel – Family Owned and Operated – Driven by Customer Satisfaction – Leading the Way into the Future of Diesel Maintenance.

We not only believe in fair prices, but also the continuation of customer service after we’ve completed your job. In this market, we know how hard it is to find quality workmanship while maintaining a reasonable price; it’s one of the reasons why we started Arundel. We have knowledgeable and certified technicians, a friendly staff, and a plethora of combined experience that all add up to one thing— your satisfaction, guaranteed!

When we say we work on anything diesel, we mean anything! Generators, Tractors, Marine Crafts and Equipment, Trucks, Industrial and Agricultural Machines… the list goes on. If it’s diesel and we can’t rebuild it for you, then it just can’t be done at all. Diesel Fuel Injection Pumps, Fuel Injectors, Turbochargers, Common Rail Injectors, Electronic Injectors… we’ll make your diesel machine run like new.

When a breakdown happens, the only thing that runs through your head is costs. How much are you losing without your machine? How much will it cost to repair your machine? Come to Arundel Diesel, where both these questions can be simplified for you. Our prices are reasonable, and our technicians are experienced enough to get your machine back out into the field in what will feel like no time.

And as members of the “Association of Diesel Specialists,” you can rest assured that the work we do is held to the highest standards in the Diesel Industry.

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